(Photo by Xinhua/ZUMA/Icon Sportswire)

Home Discomforts


During the 2011 Copa America, the field-side announcer read out the teams before the game, announcing “in the 10, the best in the word, Lionel Messi.” There was polite applause. “And in the 11, the player of the people, Carlos Tevez.” There was a mighty roar.

(Photo by Matt Kieffer)

Why I Ride


There’s a transformative moment, early on in training, when you start to recognize that what you’re feeling during a given moment is shared, physically, by those around you.

(Photo by Eric Chan)

Clear Eyes, Broken Hearts


I have found that Modelo Especial goes best with my tears. You see, I am a UCLA Bruin (an actual Bruin that is, with the degree and debt to prove it), but that comes with a certain inevitability—we are going to choke.