Los Angeles, 1953. Hollywood’s Rams.


Feel how different it was from games in any other city, like Pittsburgh or Chicago. This was Los Angeles in 1953. Maybe Los Angeles wasn’t so special to merit Major League Baseball, but the Rams were still the best pro game in town—Hollywood’s team and worthy of a five-star premiere.


Etcetera 28.


The mayor’s ten-speed bicycle, reported missing last spring, has been fished out of the river by a retired doctor.


In a basement restroom of the basketball arena, an unidentified person smashed the mirrors and clogged the drains.


Gameweek 14: Justifications


FPL used to feel like playing chess while needing to refer to the rulebook after each turn, but now it feels like sitting in a seedy Vegas sportsbook, watching the odds fluctuate for reasons beyond my imagining.


With Matthew Specktor


Will it make me seem lazy—or too much like a casual fan—if I admit I can’t remember a single pilgrimage of any memorable length?  And since I rarely leave home (I’m a writer, after all; a sanctioned hermit), the game is always on.

Los Angeles Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff is sacked during a game against the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire)

Dark Days in Rams World


Do Rams fans really have to spend the days leading up to a row of three killingly-tough matchups thinking about what has already been dubbed DickersonGate?


Hang Tight!


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Etcetera 27.


And then nothing — no one on the field.


In this darkness, there’s no way to see the puck.

(Photo by: Kyla Borg)

Ali’s Forgotten Final Fight


With :43 left in the seventh, the unranked Trevor Berbick stopped raining punches on Muhammad Ali as he slumped against the ropes, looked at ref Zach Clayton, and screamed “He’s hurt!” Did they stop the fight? They did not.


My Season in Czech Semi-Pro Basketball


In the winter of 1993, a young man moved to Prague with the idea of finding a pro or semi-pro basketball team and convincing them to let him join. It was a dumb idea, partly because the young man didn’t know if they even had pro or semi-pro basketball teams in Prague, partly because he didn’t speak any Czech and partly because he was, in the grand scheme of things, just okay at basketball.

(Photo by Justin Hargett)

There’s Always Next Year in Cleveland


Maybe next year will be our year, maybe it won’t. Maybe next year I’ll find myself making another pilgrimage to Cleveland to watch the team I’ve loved all my life celebrate their first World Series victory in my lifetime.


Etcetera 26.


We used to jump rope in our Florsheims. We used to play football in our Oxfords.


Shoes with spikes, shoes of canvas. Underwater shoes and shoes for dancing.

Gameweek 10's Fantasy Premier League Dream Team

Gameweek 10: Double Transfer


Who’s setting all these fake salaries, anyway? Do you think the actual players ever look at them and get annoyed? Do you think they get used by agents when negotiating new contracts?


With Mark Chiusano


Today we get the answers from Mark Chiusano, columnist and editorial writer for Newsday and amNewYork, and author of the short story collection Marine Park.


Etcetera 25.


In Las Vegas, dog-walking along the fence of McCarran Airport is popular sport.


Who holds the world record for most consecutive rides on the High Roller observation wheel?


Gameweek 9: Disappointments


It’s so easy to be rude to a little phone screen filled with tiny shirts. The cab lurches up McGuinness Boulevard and I set my team without another thought. Only thirty joyful weeks to go.


With Tobias Carroll


Today we get the answers from Tobias Carroll, author of the short story collection Transitory, and the novel Reel.


Back to School: My Fakahatchee Strand


Had I really moved on from my shame? It seemed that time had merely softened the bumps of my past, not erased them. I returned to campus for the 2016 alumni game determined to understand.


With Jonathan Lethem


Today we get the answers from Jonathan Lethem, the New York Times bestselling author of ten novels, including Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude, and most recently A Gambler’s Anatomy.

(Photo by Alex Christopher)

Etcetera 24.


Playoff baseball will take the blood straight out of your head.


Maybe if we don’t move, we’ll win. What do you think?

1991: Dwight Gooden of the New York Mets pitches during a Mets game versus the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.
(Robert Beck/Icon SMI)

Doc Gooden: 30 Years On


In July, ESPN premiered a Judd Apatow-directed 30 for 30, “Doc & Darryl.” The documentary pairs Gooden and Strawberry once more and traces the ascent of the ’86 Mets and the drug-fueled downfall of the two players. It is poignant to see the two reunited. Strawberry is enjoying a new life, and things even seem to be looking up for Gooden.

Toronto Blue Jays Designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion after hitting the game winning home run during the American League Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo by Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire)



On the first timeline I am 40 years old, husband, father of three children, builder of things, writer of things, breaker and fixer of things. On the second timeline I am watching baseball, and it has all just happened, is happening, will happen in a moment. Time does not elapse.