Etcetera 25.


In Las Vegas, dog-walking along the fence of McCarran Airport is popular sport.


Who holds the world record for most consecutive rides on the High Roller observation wheel?


Gameweek 9: Disappointments


It’s so easy to be rude to a little phone screen filled with tiny shirts. The cab lurches up McGuinness Boulevard and I set my team without another thought. Only thirty joyful weeks to go.


With Tobias Carroll


Today we get the answers from Tobias Carroll, author of the short story collection Transitory, and the novel Reel.


Back to School: My Fakahatchee Strand


Had I really moved on from my shame? It seemed that time had merely softened the bumps of my past, not erased them. I returned to campus for the 2016 alumni game determined to understand.


With Jonathan Lethem


Today we get the answers from Jonathan Lethem, the New York Times bestselling author of ten novels, including Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude, and most recently A Gambler’s Anatomy.

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Etcetera 24.


Playoff baseball will take the blood straight out of your head.


Maybe if we don’t move, we’ll win. What do you think?

1991: Dwight Gooden of the New York Mets pitches during a Mets game versus the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.
(Robert Beck/Icon SMI)

Doc Gooden: 30 Years On


In July, ESPN premiered a Judd Apatow-directed 30 for 30, “Doc & Darryl.” The documentary pairs Gooden and Strawberry once more and traces the ascent of the ’86 Mets and the drug-fueled downfall of the two players. It is poignant to see the two reunited. Strawberry is enjoying a new life, and things even seem to be looking up for Gooden.

Toronto Blue Jays Designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion after hitting the game winning home run during the American League Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles. (Photo by Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire)



On the first timeline I am 40 years old, husband, father of three children, builder of things, writer of things, breaker and fixer of things. On the second timeline I am watching baseball, and it has all just happened, is happening, will happen in a moment. Time does not elapse.

Week 7's #FPL Dream Team

Friday Night Plight: Week 7


My approach to FPL could be an intro course to behavioral economics. Step right up, undergrads! Every week, a real-life demonstration on sunk cost fallacy and a reminder that markets are not rational, because people are not rational.


With Dave Fromm


Today we get the answers from Dave Fromm, author of the memoir, Expatriate Games: My Season of Misadventures in Czech Semi-Pro Basketball.


Etcetera 23.


That there is a winning chess opening my friends.


Winning is productive and physical. It is very nutritional.

The GW 6 Dream Team

Friday Night Plight: Week 6


Some people are good at Fantasy Premier League: they listen to podcasts, read analysis, remember to trade people right away when they get suspended before they lose value, and understand how bonus points are awarded. Me,…


With Sam Miller


Today, we get the answers from Sam Miller, editor in chief of Baseball Prospectus and a contributing writer at ESPN The Magazine.

Week 5's Dream Team in the FPL

Friday Night Plight: Week 5


Some people are good at Fantasy Premier League: they listen to podcasts, read analysis, and understand how bonus points are awarded. Me, I set my team on Friday night—exhausted from work, often slightly drunk, informed by twenty minutes of wild research, fueled by irrational notions.


Etcetera 22.


Are we losing yet?


We love a good loss, and the best would be a shutout.


With Jonathan Wilson


Today, we get the answers from Jonathan Wilson, author of the recently published Angels with Dirty Faces: How Argentinian Soccer Defined a Nation and Changed the Game Forever.

Landon Donovan just before his first retirement, in 2014. (Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire)

Donovan’s Return


Do the Galaxy need Landon Donovan on the pitch? Perhaps his return is a kind of reclamation of the team’s recent history, and the mindset that got them there.

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Home Discomforts


During the 2011 Copa America, the field-side announcer read out the teams before the game, announcing “in the 10, the best in the word, Lionel Messi.” There was polite applause. “And in the 11, the player of the people, Carlos Tevez.” There was a mighty roar.


Etcetera 21.


You grow up around here, or why are you a fan?


Listen to all the fans yelling through their long glass tubes.

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Why I Ride


There’s a transformative moment, early on in training, when you start to recognize that what you’re feeling during a given moment is shared, physically, by those around you.