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Eephus is a forum for writers of all kinds to tell stories about the sports they love, at all levels of play. Published in collaboration with the Los Angeles Review of Books, we present in-depth features and illuminating commentary from across the world of sports. We also feature book reviews and excerpts, as well as recurring columns from some of our favorite writers on everything from worshipping a last place team to celebrating forgotten champions.

Stories are why we, the fans, watch—they’re why we pay outrageous ticket prices and parking fees; why we gamble in Las Vegas and office pools; and why we consume SportsCenter in the morning, sports Twitter at the office, and the big games in primetime. So of course we’ll cover the Super Bowl and Steph Curry. But we’ll also mine New Zealand rugby, big wave surfing, and beyond. Whatever the subject, we’ll always prize distinct voices and perspectives on the action.

If you want to know why “eephus,” we wrote a little about that too, but in short it’s because we love that eccentric pitch. For better or worse.

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