Alien Days: Minor League Las Vegas

Through dry, desert-stung eyes and ears, a few details broke through: the third-base umpire with a black cast on his right arm; the young boys in the stands pummeling an inflatable green alien; the vendor’s regular bark of “beer, water, NUTS.

Etcetera 28.

The mayor’s ten-speed bicycle, reported missing last spring, has been fished out of the river by a retired doctor.


In a basement restroom of the basketball arena, an unidentified person smashed the mirrors and clogged the drains.

Etcetera 26.

We used to jump rope in our Florsheims. We used to play football in our Oxfords.


Shoes with spikes, shoes of canvas. Underwater shoes and shoes for dancing.

Etcetera 25.

In Las Vegas, dog-walking along the fence of McCarran Airport is popular sport.


Who holds the world record for most consecutive rides on the High Roller observation wheel?