Etcetera 12.

Dirt, cops, and stairs. Now this is a park. Dodger Stadium, a Tuesday evening in June.


A dedicated grounds crew here, with the blue hose to shoot.

Etcetera 11.

Follow each other through depot and plant and arrive at Angel Stadium about 11:55.


Popcorn, kettle corn, cotton candy. This is the fourth oldest park in the Majors.

Etcetera 10.

This is a major thunderstorm, let’s duck into the pool hall and crack some balls.


Take the table in the back there and watch the felt sonny.

Big Fun in Crystal City: Topgolf Las Vegas

An overseer scribbles tallies of chip volumes like a Broad Street oyster mogul, and the casino sheriff tips his hat to the cash bagger. A fog of love builds up at the blackjack table. But look at the time. Nearly seven o’clock. Time for Topgolf.

Etcetera 7.

It’s a downhill ride to Venice, California. Low tide this afternoon around half past one, and the water is 62 degrees Fahrenheit.


Yes, snake handling is a sport. Now let’s eat this pizza in the handball court.

Etcetera 6.

Friday morning in Las Vegas. A perfect golf breeze blows down Paradise Road, then everything stops.


The joggers of the Strip unite in the shadow of a junk removal site.

Etcetera 5.

Right now New York City is a hockey town and the pigeons are waiting for tennis.


Three dollars at the deli will get you a six pack of Sky Bounce ping pong balls.