Drafting the NWSL’s Future

On the tables closest to the stage, each club’s scarves are carefully laid out around bouquets of flowers and team signage, where management and representatives from the 10 organizations will conduct their draft. The players hoping to be drafted are not far behind them in the audience. With family, friends, and even some youth club coaches in attendance, the event is open to the public, and I can’t imagine anyone here, regardless of what brought us, has only a casual interest in The Beautiful Game.

The Season Starts Now

The NWSL is the first women’s professional league to have a fourth season. All 10 teams’ games will stream live on YouTube, starting tomorrow.

On Baseball, the Dodgers, and Ritual

I’ve been trying to figure out what kept me with baseball—why I watched ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight,” why I loved game-of-the-night broadcasts with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan for what felt like every night of summer in Ohio. But every potential answer to the question just makes me wonder even more: Why the hell do I love even the boring things about a sport that’s already so tedious?