The Best of Eephus – 2016

Eight months ago, I founded Eephus with the idea that it could be a place for writers to tell any story they wanted, within the purposely generic realm of “sports.” Untethered from the nightly box scores, big game deadlines, and trending gossip, I hoped we might be able to publish a few essays along the way that could transcend the everyday, seemingly disposable nature of the games we love to watch and play.

Here, with editor and Etcetera columnist Joshua Baldwin, we chose some of our favorite pieces from 2016, presented below in mixtape order. It’s been an honor to work with everyone who’s contributed to our site this year (thank you!), and I hope that you’ll enjoy reading what we consider to be some of the most Eephus-y pieces we’ve had the pleasure of publishing so far. If you like what follows, scroll the archives for many more great stories. And please stick around for whatever 2017 may bring…



Will Leitch – “All Star Baseball”

Jennifer R. Bernstein – “Welcome to League D”

Hal Sundt – “The Incident” 

Lindsay Knight – “Why I Ride”

Andrew Forbes – “Le Baseball”

Michael Signorelli – “The Dream Screen”

Lee Ellis – “Golf’s Most Hyperbolic Major”

Roger Director – “Safe at First”

The Great Mambino – “Sixty”

Fred Schruers – “The Rams are Back in Los Angeles”

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