Etcetera 19.


In the bullpen — there’s got to be a jar of instant coffee in here somewhere.


The team doctor prescribed the swimmers two cups of decaf before bedtime.

Le Baseball: Québec and the Can-Am League


Keeping score takes an extra half-beat in order to allow the brain to translate. A left fielder is avoltigeur de gauche. A pitcher is a lanceur. A shortstop is an arrêtcourt . At the end of each half-frame we tally up points, coups surs, erreurs, and runners laisses sur les buts. All 3842 of us await a coup de circuit, though no one manages to clear the ad-plastered wall.

With Ben Lindbergh


Today, we get the answers from Ben Lindbergh, co-author of The Only Rule Is It Has to Work, an excellent book about running an independent league baseball team. He is also a staff writer for The Ringer and, with Sam Miller, the cohost of Effectively Wild, the daily Baseball Prospectus podcast.

At Home on the Road in South America


Two days have passed since I spent an evening at Estado Alejandro Serrano Aguilar, the home of Deportiva Cuenca, in southern Ecuador. Since then I’ve searched a dozen local retailers for a kit, tried to change the team I support on FIFA16, and spent at least an hour trying to understand the Ecuadorian league and tournament structure.