Live from Los Angeles, it’s The Big Game!

Hey dudes, this is The Big Game—sports columnist edition. I’m your host, Justin Hargett, and today we’re launching the official online home of the podcast:!

Here on the site, you’ll be able to find and stream all of our podcast episodes in the archive. On the blog, I’ll be previewing upcoming episodes and big games so that you can follow along and watch the matches before our episode airs. You can also follow me on twitter for live in game tweets, and also sign up for our newsletter to get alerts about the latest episodes.

I’m very grateful to friend of the show, Nick Courage, who designed this bad boy. Check out his portfolio here. He’s also the author of the fantastic novel The Loudness. If fleeing for your life from the long arm of a shadowy government was a sport, then it would be a Big Game. Order your copy here.

Stay tuned for more from The Big Game.


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Justin Hargett is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Eephus, and the host of The Big Game podcast.