Preview: LSU vs. Texas A&M, Game 3 (College Baseball)

On Saturday, the top two college baseball teams in the nation will meet in the final game of their three game series in Baton Rouge. The LSU Tigers are looking to fend off the Texas A&M Aggies and retain their #1 rank in the county, as well as first place in the SEC. This will be an impressive feat if they can pull it off considering their opponents started their season on a 24-0 run.

We’re only half way through the college baseball season, but this match-up will very likely be a prelude to the SEC Tournament finals and a preview of two of the hottest teams we’ll certainly be talking about in June during the College Baseball World Series.

To catch us up on the series, my guest will be Guy Anglade. Guy is an LSU alum, and come this time of year at least 7/8ths of his tweets contain SEC baseball nuggets of wisdom. Follow him on Twitter: @musetteanddrums.

Follow along with The Big Game this Saturday, April 25th on ESPN at 1:00PM EST, and stay tuned for our podcast about it next week.

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Justin Hargett is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Eephus, and the host of The Big Game podcast.