The Non-Champions Hall of Fame


There are no ifs, maybes or caveats allowed in American sports and now in American culture—you’re either a champion or you’re a loser: a nothing. Because, as anyone who’s played a team sport has heard countless times from some numbskull coach, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

The Only Blue Note on Broadway


For being a Blues fan in exile is not even remotely the same as being a fan in exile for other teams. You comb the schedules of the local teams to see when, or even if, they’re coming to town. You calculate if you can get tickets, how beaten up will you get in the parking lot, and if just makes more sense to watch the local broadcast.



Rumor has it that even winning this FA Cup tournament won’t save Louis van Gaal’s job at Manchester United. But a win just might be enough to keep Roberto Martinez employed at Everton. Their semifinal playoff kicks off Saturday afternoon.