With Jason Diamond

“The 7 Questions” is a sports questionnaire—the Eephus way of capturing a snapshot of the fan’s life. From writers to artists and beyond, we bring you answers every week.

This week we get them from Jason Diamond, author of the memoir Searching for John Hughes. He is the sports editor at Rollingstone.com and the founder of Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

1. When was the last time sports made you cry?

I was on the floor during Game 7 of the World Series mumbling to myself, tears running down my face pretty much from the 6th inning when David Ross hit that homer and onward until about three in the morning before finally passing out. As a lifelong Cubs fan, that was easily one of the most intense, insane, and ultimately wonderful experiences I’ve ever gone through for a number of reasons. The main one being, of course, because we won, but there was so much more to that game, so many moments and then the celebration. It was beautiful. A week later the election happened and I kept trying to go back to the Game 7 win and the parade as my happy spot, but it was hard.

2. What’s your most treasured piece of sports apparel or memorabilia?

I still have a lot of my old hockey, baseball, and basketball cards. My Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck rookie card is still my favorite. Also got Allen Iverson to sign a hat. I don’t necessarily treasure the hat, but it was cool to talk with him for a few minutes. He’s a funny guy.

3. Competed in any sports lately, at any level?

I still play hockey. Bummed I can’t check anybody. I was pretty good when I was a kid because I wasn’t afraid of getting physical. Now that element is gone and I’m older so I’ve had to adapt. It’s been interesting because I’ve never been exactly finesse at anything in my life, and I switched from center to wing, so I’ve re-learned to play in a new way.

4. What’s your desert island sports movie or book?

Either The Search for Animal Chin or Mighty Ducks 2.

5. What do you like to eat and drink while you watch sports?

Nachos. Sometimes, if they don’t look like they’re going to tank, I get Vienna Beef dogs and make Italian beef for the Bears home opener. Don’t think I’ll do that again until they finally say buh bye to Jay Cutler. Might have to let a new city adopt me for the next season or two the way the Bears have been sucking.

6. What’s the greatest length you’ve gone to watch or attend a game?

I went to Green Bay to see a Bears/Packers game. I’ve gone greater lengths, but holy shit is that a weird feeling when you’re decked out in Bears stuff in a sea of yellow. Packer fans are incredibly nice so it wasn’t that bad, but still very strange.

7. Ever caught a foul ball?

I came close at a Yankees game last year. We had seats along the third base line and my pal wasn’t paying attention. He had his back turned and I tried to shove him out of the way but didn’t think it mattered. The kids next to me got it and I figure that was a massive thrill for them.

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